Irrigation automation can be a very important part of a successful garden

Most gardens need regular watering to look their best. Basically, a hosepipe is a cheap infrastructure to buy. However, manual watering uses substantially more water than irrigation systems.

Irrigation systems turn on and off by water valves opening and closing. These can operate manually or automatically using a irrigation controller (a small computer for your tap) that opens and closes electric valves.

With the best will in the world, a manual irrigation system is often forgotten and plants will suffer or die. One typically remembers to water again once the plants have wilted or even died. An automated system replaces manual valves with electronic valves and replaces a human being with a small computer controller.

More advanced systems can use weather stations or rain sensors to override the current settings. So, for example, it can prevent the system from watering the garden on a rainy day.

Subsequently, the convenience and reliability that an automated controller offers make them a worthwhile investment. It follows that many home owners use mobile phone apps that control their home automation systems including climate control, lighting and other infrastructure. Your irrigation can be controlled via an app or by a home automation system for ultimate convenience.

This is a short list of reputable brands of irrigation computer controllers:

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