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Are you looking for a landscaper? We design and install gardens in Sandton.
Are you looking for a landscaper? We design and install gardens in Sandton.
Are you looking for a landscaper? We design and install gardens in Sandton.

Landscaping And Landscapers In Harare And Bulawayo

Are you looking for a landscaper or landscape design in Harare and Bulawayo? You’ve come to the right place!

Landscaping is an art form that requires skill, knowledge and creativity. From small details like adding a few plants here and there, to larger projects. For example, designing your entire outdoor space, landscapers have the expertise to bring your vision to life. In this article we’ll discuss the different types of services offered by local landscapers in both cities. As well as tips on how to select the best one for your project.

Harare and Bulawayo offer plenty of options when it comes to finding a great landscaper. We’re lucky enough to live in two cities filled with experienced professionals. They know what they’re doing when it comes to creating beautiful outdoor spaces. Whether you need help transforming your backyard into an oasis or just want someone reliable to maintain your existing landscape. You will be pleased with the results.

Local landscapers understand the unique climate and environment of Harare and Bulawayo. Something that can make all the difference between success and failure when planning any type of project. With their help, even complex designs are brought to life with ease. Now let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular services offered by these talented professionals!

Definition Of Landscaping

Landscaping is all about creating beautiful outdoor spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It involves transforming an area of land into a space for relaxation or entertainment. Landscaping can simply to add value to the home.

This is achieved through many different techniques such as:

  • planting trees, shrubs and flowers
  • laying down pathways, decks and patios
  • building retaining walls
  • incorporating water features
  • using other elements like lighting, furniture and decorations

Landscaping is not just about making a garden look pretty. It’s also about ensuring that the plants receive proper care. This is so that they remain healthy and attractive over time.

In Zimbabwe, landscapers offer their services in Harare and Bulawayo. They specialize in turning your vision into reality with creative designs tailored to fit individual needs. From small residential gardens to large corporate sites. These professionals have experience working on a variety of projects across the country. Whether you need help installing lawns, edging flower beds or adding decorative touches to your outdoor space. These experts are ready to work with you every step of the way.

For those looking to spruce up their outdoor areas without breaking the bank, there is also an alternative option: DIY landscaping. With some basic knowledge of gardening tools and materials plus access to online tutorials, anyone can create stunning landscapes right at home!

Types Of Landscaping Services

Moving on from the definition of landscaping, let’s take a look at some of the types of landscaping services available in Harare and Bulawayo. Many local businesses offer a variety of services to help create an outdoor space that is both beautiful and functional. From designing gardens with native plants to installing pathways and patios for entertaining. There are plenty of ways to transform your yard into a tranquil oasis.

One popular service offered by many companies is lawn care. This includes everything from mowing and edging grass, to fertilizing and aerating soil, as well as seeding and treating weeds. Lawns are transformed through regular maintenance. Other maintenance includes trimming trees, pruning shrubs, planting flowers or vegetables, creating mulch beds, and more. Professional lawn care teams use top-of-the-line machines to ensure precision results every time.

Landscapers also provide hardscaping services which involve building structures. These include fences, decks, gazebos, retaining walls and other features. They enhance the beauty of any outdoor space while providing practical benefits too. They may also install lighting fixtures that add ambience or even security systems so you can enjoy your garden without worry during warmer months when evenings last longer.

With these professional landscape design solutions at hand it’s easy to turn your dream landscape into reality! Whether you have visions of sprawling flowerbeds bursting with colour or simple yet elegant greenery dotted around your property. Experienced professionals in Harare and Bulawayo make it all possible.

Benefits Of Professional Landscaping Services

When it comes to landscaping, there a lot of work is required. It takes careful planning and skill to create the perfect space for your home or business. That’s why it’s important to consider hiring professional landscapers in Harare and Bulawayo when taking on any landscape project. Here are some of the benefits that you can get from these professionals:

– Quality Workmanship:

Professional landscapers have extensive knowledge and experience in creating beautiful outdoor spaces. They understand how to utilize available resources effectively while maintaining quality standards. You can be sure that they will deliver excellent results that meet your expectations.

– Cost Savings:

When done properly, landscaping projects require very little maintenance once completed. This means less money spent on upkeep over time which translates into savings for you! Professional landscapers also know where to find good deals on materials so you can keep costs low throughout the entire process.

– Expert Advice:

With years of experience under their belt, professional landscapers are able to provide valuable advice regarding design options and potential issues with any given project before they even begin working on it. They will help guide you through all stages of the process so you end up with something that fits perfectly within budget constraints as well as desired aesthetic goals.

– Time Efficiency:

Entrusting the job to experienced professionals means saving yourself precious time. This is because they already know what needs to be done. They know how long each step takes. Everything runing smoothly ensures your landscape project finishing quickly without sacrificing quality along the way. This gives you more free time for other activities!

Professional landscaping services offer many advantages; from cost-savings, expert advice, high quality workmanship and efficient completion times – making it an ideal option for those looking to upgrade their outdoor living space without breaking the bank or struggling too much with DIY projects!

Popular Landscaping Techniques In Harare And Bulawayo

Moving on from the previous section, professional landscaping services offer a wide range of techniques to choose from when sprucing up your outdoor space. In Harare and Bulawayo, there are several popular landscaping techniques used to create an attractive and inviting area for relaxation and recreation.

One popular technique is terracing. This involves creating levels in the landscape by using retaining walls or steps. Terraces can help bring out features such as rock formations, waterfalls, ponds or fountains. The raised beds also allow for better drainage which helps keep plants healthy and vibrant year-round. Terrace gardens are planted with drought-tolerant grasses and ornamental shrubs for color contrast against other elements like stone pathways or patios.


Another common technique is xeriscaping, which uses native plants to conserve water while still keeping a beautiful garden aesthetic. Native species tend to require less maintenance than non-native ones due to their adaptation to local climates.

Xeriscape designs may include groundcovers, low growing trees and shrubs, cacti and succulents as well as perennials and annuals that provide seasonal interest without relying too much on irrigation systems. Low maintenance materials like gravel paths or decomposed granite will further reduce watering needs while still providing appealing walkways throughout the property.

No matter what type of design you’re looking for, experienced landscapers in Harare and Bulawayo will have the expertise needed to implement it properly so you can enjoy your outdoor living space for years to come. With creative ideas tailored specifically for your environment and lifestyle needs, these professionals will take care of all aspects related to transforming your yard into something truly spectacular!

Local Climate Considerations For Landscaping Projects

When it comes to landscaping projects in Harare and Bulawayo, the local climate is an important factor to consider. Zimbabwe has a humid subtropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 25 – 35 degrees Celsius throughout the year. This means that certain plants are more suited for this region than others. To ensure your landscaping project turns out as desired, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

1) Choose Plants That Can Survive High Temperatures:

Some varieties of perennial plants may not be able to survive temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius. If you want them to thrive, choose heat-resistant varieties or look for other alternatives such as succulents and cacti which can withstand higher temperatures better.

2) Use Mulch To Retain Moisture:

The dry season in Zimbabwe lasts from April to October, making it difficult for some plants to retain moisture during this period. Adding mulch around your plants will help hold on to water and nutrients while keeping weeds away too!

3) Plan For Heavy Rainfall:

During the rainy season (November – March), rainfall occurs almost daily accompanied by thunderstorms and strong winds. Your landscape design must take these conditions into account. In other words, prevent trees being uprooted by heavy winds or pathways become pools of water after heavy downpours.

By taking into consideration local climate considerations when planning your landscaping project, you’ll be ensuring its success no matter what Mother Nature throws at it! With careful attention paid upfront, you won’t have any nasty surprises later on down the line!

Choosing The Right Landscaper For The Job

When it comes to landscaping projects, it’s essential to choose the right landscaper for the job. When looking for a landscaping company in Harare or Bulawayo, there are certain factors that are considered when selecting a contractor. This section will discuss these considerations and provide tips on how to find an experienced and reliable landscaper in Zimbabwe.

The first thing to look for is experience. When researching potential contractors, make sure they have years of experience working with different types of landscapes in both cities. It’s also important to check their portfolio so you can get an idea of the kind of work they do and determine if your project goals align with theirs. Additionally, ask questions about their approach to landscape design – do they use traditional methods or modern techniques? Do they specialize in native plants or exotic species? These details can help you decide which contractor best fits your needs.

Review Customer Feedback

Finally, don’t forget to review customer feedback and ratings before hiring any particular landscaper. Look for reviews from past clients who had similar projects as yours, so you can gain insight into the quality of service provided by each contractor. It may even be helpful to speak with some of them directly so you can gauge whether or not they’re up for taking on your project! With this information in hand, you’ll be able to select the most qualified and dependable landscaper for the job – making your dream outdoor space a reality!

Qualifications Of A Professional Landscaper

If you’re looking for a professional landscaper in Harare or Bulawayo, it’s important to find someone who is qualified and experienced. A good landscaper should have strong knowledge of the environment they will be working on as well as an understanding of local plants and their growth patterns. It also helps if they are familiar with the climate conditions specific to that area so that your garden can thrive.

In addition to having extensive plant knowledge, a great landscaping company should be able to provide creative designs that suit your vision and requirements. These designs may range from tropical themed gardens to more traditional European style landscapes. The best companies will take into account all aspects of the project such as budget, site constraints, desired features and materials before providing plans for approval.

Quality Products

Good landscape contractors will also have access to quality products and suppliers which guarantee excellent results. Ensure that any contractor you work with is insured for public liability in case there are any issues down the line – this way you rest assured knowing your home or business is protected! At the end of the day, finding a reliable and trustworthy landscaper could make all the difference when creating an outdoor space you love.

Cost Factors To Consider When Hiring A Professional Landscaper

Once you’ve identified a qualified professional landscaper for your project in Harare or Bulawayo, there are several cost factors to consider before committing. Be mindful of both the upfront cost and long-term expenses associated with any landscaping job. This is important.

When it comes to budgeting for a professional landscaper, there are several variables that can influence the final price tag. First and foremost is the scope of work – this includes anything from clearing land and preparing soil for planting, installing hardscapes like pathways, decks and patios, as well as regular maintenance tasks such as mowing grass and pruning trees.

Labour Costs

Labour costs are taken into account. They depend on how many hours are required and whether specialized equipment needs to be rented or purchased. Additionally, ensure material costs are not overlooked. Plants, mulch, gravels etc. come at an additional expense which drastically increases your overall bill if not accounted for beforehand.

In addition to these upfront costs, you must factor in potential future expenses related to ongoing care of your landscape over time. This might include fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides used regularly to prevent plant diseases or control pests. Professional advice may be sought when dealing with difficult issues such as drainage problems or soil erosion.

Corrective Measures

Finally, annual inspections by a certified arborist helps to identify any hidden damage caused by storms or animal activity. This means corrective measures are taken swiftly before any further damage occurs.

Hiring a professional landscaper does require some financial investment but taking the time to research various options thoroughly will ensure you get great value for money in return. Looking carefully at each component involved with your project gives you greater peace of mind. You know exactly what is included within the quoted price and avoid unexpected surprises down the line!

Tips On Maintaining Your Landscape After Installation

Now that you’ve had your landscape installed, it’s important to keep up with maintenance in order to ensure its beauty and longevity. Here are some tips for keeping your landscape looking great:

First and foremost, make sure to water regularly. Keeping the soil moist is essential for plants to stay healthy and grow lushly. If you live in a particularly dry climate, this could mean watering multiple times per week or even more often during summer months. Be mindful of over-watering as well; too much can drown roots and cause other problems.


Mulch on a regular basis to help hold moisture in the soil and provide nutrients for plant growth. Organic mulches like wood chips or shredded bark will decompose over time, adding beneficial organic matter to the soil as they break down. Inorganic mulches like gravel may take longer to install but require less upkeep since they don’t need replacing as often.

Finally, remember not just to feed your plants but yourself! Growing flowers, herbs, vegetables – whatever strikes your fancy – is an excellent way to add life and color while enjoying some homegrown goodness right off the vine (or stem!). With these simple steps, your landscape will look beautiful year after year no matter what Mother Nature throws at it!

Potential Hazards Of Diy Landscaping

DIY landscaping is an exciting way to spruce up your outdoor space, but it does come with some potential risks. It’s important to understand the hazards associated with DIY projects. You can then make sure you stay safe while working on these projects.

One potential hazard of DIY landscaping is injury. Even small jobs like trimming hedges or mowing lawns require heavy lifting and a lot of physical effort, which could lead to sprains, strains, cuts, or burns if not done correctly. Safety gear such as gloves and eye protection must be worn when doing work outdoors. Additionally, consulting professionals for more complex tasks is recommended. This avoids or limits any serious injuries.

Collateral Damage

Another risk of attempting DIY landscaping is damaging property or surrounding areas unintentionally. This happens when homeowners don’t have experience dealing with certain plants or materials. For example, if too much fertilizer is used on a flower bed the flowers can die out quickly or spread harmfully into other parts of the yard. Safety is paramount when undertaking any type of project involving hazardous substances such as pesticides or fertilizers. Consult experts before beginning work in order to minimize the chances of accidental damage occurring.

In addition to these risks, environmental considerations must be taken into account when planning a landscaping project. For instance, what kind of water management system needs to be put in place? What impact might removing trees have on wildlife habitats? Seeking professional advice from experienced gardeners can help you answer questions like these and ensure that your project has minimal negative impacts on the environment around it.


In conclusion, landscaping is an excellent way to boost your property’s value and increase its aesthetic appeal. It can also provide you with a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you are looking for professional landscaping services in Harare or Bulawayo, it is important that you select a qualified professional who understands local climate considerations and has the necessary qualifications to complete the job correctly.

Additionally, be sure to take into account cost factors when hiring a landscape contractor and consider any potential hazards associated with DIY projects. With careful planning and execution, we are confident that you will find great success in creating the perfect outdoor space for yourself and your loved ones.

Are you looking for a landscaper? We design and install gardens in Sandton.
Are you looking for a landscaper? We design and install gardens in Sandton.
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