Landscaping, social responsibility. Words that don’t often appear in the same sentence. While our industry is not as glamorous as IT or financial services, it has to be one of the more incredible and enjoyable industries to be in. It follows that we really love what we do. While we bring joy to our clients in providing them with a beautiful garden, we also like to assist those in need where we are able. Therefore, we have donated time, resources and of course many, many plants and assistance to worthy causes over the years.

Some of the causes that we have supported include:

Every bit helps. While we cannot afford to build new schools or hospitals, there are things that we can do. We can provide joy to others by offering them a better environment. Supply them with plants for fundraising. Design and construct stands for expos. If you put your mind to it and use some imagination, these efforts can make a really big impact on others. Just take a moment to view life from the eyes of someone in need. Someone who does not have the ability to help themselves. Some people rely completely on the kind nature and selflessness of others for their survival.

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Landscaping social responsibility