How much does a landscaper cost? How much should I invest in my garden?

These are questions we are often asked. There are two basic costs involved when contracting with a landscaper, namely design costs (similar to an architect’s fees when building a house) and installation costs (similar to construction costs when building a house).

Garden design fees will depend on the scale, scope and complexity of the landscape design and the garden installation costs will be determined by the elements included in the design.

One can compare landscaping with buying lunch at a supermarket… You could simply buy a loaf of bread and a tub of butter or you could buy smoked salmon, fillet steak and imported ice-cream. Both of these scenarios would provide lunch but each with a very different price and each basket of goods will make for a very different dining experience.

In terms of landscaping, the more plants and features that you add to your garden, the more it will cost. The larger the area to be covered by plants and features, the more it will cost. Service providers which have infrastructure and higher levels of supervision will cost more – this is often what makes the difference between a ‘nice’ garden and an ‘awesome’ garden.

Ultimately, the less one does in terms of landscaping, the less it will cost – we could ‘landscape’ your garden for just R5,000. However, the result would not be anything like the examples of our work that you will wind on our website (photo gallery, before and after gallery)

Our video will hopefully take some of the mystery out of landscaper pricing as it explains how the same piece of property could be landscaped in different ways at different price points…