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We take a holistic approach to garden design and landscape installation. Each of our gardens is a bespoke design which has been tailored to suit the personal taste and lifestyle of a specific client.

From townhouse gardens to large residential stands in equestrian estates, from corporate offices to public parks and hotels, we can provide you with a custom landscape design and installation.


A landscape installation with us is far safer than your typical shopping trip!

The safety of our clients and our staff is of paramount importance to us and we are doing our part to prevent the spread of this massive pandemic.

Safer than shopping:

Besides the obvious risks associated with shops and super markets, where one is subjected to being in close personal proximity to numerous strangers, each physical item that you purchase at any shop has been:

  • Placed on a shop shelf by hand (first contact)
  • Picked up from the shelf by at least one customer (second contact)
  • Handled by a teller at the till point (third contact)
  • Packed by a packer at the till point (fourth contact)
  • Sometimes packed into your car by a car guard (possible fifth contact)
  • Touched by you when un-packing at home

While we are fortunate enough to perform the installation of our work outdoors at our clients’ premises and do not require close contact with our clients, nor do we handle products which are then placed in your home. Please click here to find out more about how we are prepared for the Coronavirus Covid-19.

We are a full-service landscaping company, offering a turnkey solution from providing a professional garden design (2D CAD or 3D design) through to plant supply and installation as well as the construction of garden elements such as water features, decking, paving, fire pits, outdoor kitchens etc.

We are based just off the intersection of Beyers Naude Drive (M5) and the N14 Krugersdorp / Pretoria highway in Gauteng, (find us here) but we work anywhere!

We have clients throughout South Africa and we also service clients in many other countries. Find out more about the landscaping services that we offer to our International clients…

There are many landscapers and each has their own approach to their work. Unfortunately, many landscapers still make use of sketches or concept drawings which are not drawn to scale or they simply explain what they aim to achieve without relating theses to real-life measurements . These ‘designs’ may sound great and even look fantastic on paper but simply cannot result in an accurate quotation.

Landscaping is a lot like building a house in that you can’t ask a builder to quote you on building your house without first giving them a set of house plans.

We take a professional approach to our work. We draw a professional landscape design that is drawn to scale and provides us with the information required in order to properly and accurately quote on our projects.

Like any creative art, landscape design is a time-consuming process and better results are achieved with time.

Each of our designs is based on the taste and lifestyle of a specific client – please visit our photo galleries to see the many varied designs that we have created and installed over the years.

We generate our livelihood from our creativity, attention to detail, years of experience and our reputation for designing and installing beautiful gardens extends well beyond the borders of our country.

As one of the most celebrated design and build landscaping companies in South Africa, we offer an unrivaled service to our clients.

Of course, there are different horses for different courses and there are many landscapers who will provide a design at no cost (typically a rough sketch that is not drawn to scale or properly quantified).

We offer free consultations at our 44-acre plant farm in Muldersdrift by appointment. You are most welcome to bring a set of house plans and photos of your garden with you and we will provide you with our input with absolutely no obligation from your side. …we also have really good coffee to enjoy while we discuss your project.

Please contact us to find our more about our design fees

There are a number of reasons why a detailed CAD design is the best way to design a garden:

  • The plants and other items used in the CAD design are defined and quantified so that we can provide an accurate quotation for landscape installation
  • Design changes are easily made – we tailor our designs to your requirements
  • Scale drawings help to ensure correct plant quantities and plant spacing. This prevents over and under-populated plant beds once the job has been completed
  • Our CAD software allows for a 3D walk-through of any built features such as water features and fire pits or boma areas

Once you accept our quotation for for installation, we allocate one of our installers to your project. Your installer is briefed on your design and is in control of your installation. Our designers and installers are in contact throughout installation and together they bring your design to life!

Yes we certainly do!

We have undertaken landscaping projects ranging in size from 20m2 to over 60,000m2.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

As in almost any industry, we are sorry to say that there are also unscrupulous and unprofessional landscapers in the green industry.

By choosing The Friendly Plant, peace of mind is part of the package:

  • We are a member of The Evergreen Group, one of the biggest players in the green industry in South Africa
  • We operate from a 44-acre farm, which is owned by our group – this is one of the largest plant-growing facilities in South Africa
  • We have a proven track record, having formally entered the green industry in 1995 and garden landscape design and installation in 2006 (winning our first award in 2008!)
  • Our work has is regularly featured in the media including glossy lifestyle magazines, hardcover books, radio and television programs
  • We can provide you with a list of clients who can give you the assurance and peace of mind that you are looking for

Click here to find out more about us – It’s been a long journey to get to where we are today!


Whether you are looking for a garden design, fire pit, boma or a landscaper to install your garden, you have come to the right place!