A successful landscape installation relies on two important functions, namely design and installation.

Freelance designers

Freelance designers can provide you with a detailed design of your garden which you can then install yourself (a DIY installation if you will) As a result, you would then be able to farm out the design to different service providers to tender for the installation of the garden.


  • There are possible savings on installation costs as you can put the installation out to tender and choose based on price if that is a box you are looking to tick.


  • Where the designer has little or no experience installing a garden, there can be design problems that make part of the design impossible or impractical to install
  • As the designer and installer are separate, there is often a disconnect between them. Consequently, some interpretation may be required on the part of the installer in order to successfully install the garden. It follows that there is a risk of the garden or outdoor feature not turning out as it was envisaged in the mind of the designer or the client

Turnkey landscaper

A turnkey landscaping service has a streamlined process. This is because the garden design and landscape installation (including planting and garden features) functions are undertaken by a single person or a single company. We offer a turnkey service of design as well as installation.


  • Design fees may be lower then a freelance designer. This is as a result of a freelance designer not earning revenue from installation work. They rely only on the design fees for income
  • Better synergy between the designers and installers due to simpler and more effective communication
  • In-house designers typically have a good grasp in terms of designs that are practical to install
  • Having your team under one roof means that any questions can be dealt with quickly


  • Many turnkey providers are small businesses. The owner is the designer, sales person and installer. As a result, they may lack the ability to properly address your needs in terms of service delivery

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